Completed July 9, 2005
Fredericksburg, VA

Next workshop pending
Location TBA
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Statement of Artistic Purpose

Challenges to artistic freedom are most frequently based on viewpoint or subject matter. Nudity and sexuality, religion, race, violence, and politics are the most common flash points. If prehistoric artists depicted the female form out of reverence, the nude male form was depicted by the Greeks for the same reason. Men in Greek art were traditionally rendered nude. Art depicting nudity or addressing sexuality is frequently challenged as being inappropriate and as being morally corrupt in and of itself.

Critics often do not distinguish between graphic anatomical depictions and stylized, non-explicit representations of the human form. Nor do they distinguish between nudity and eroticism. Male nudity, particularly erect penises, is targeted disproportionately to female nudity. Homosexuality can also be a bright red flag.

The Day of Nude Male Art (DONMA) workshop is for those artists (whether novices or professionals) who enjoy, as the Greeks did, the subject of the nude male body. In bringing you this workshop we hope to open a door for you. This is a unique chance to combine beautiful scenery and masculinity. As artists, we hope you are inspired by the variety of male subjects, as well as our special setting, to create new works of art, celebrating the male form.

We invite you to join your peers on Saturday, July 9th, in Fredericksburg, VA for a day of appreciation and creativity. As individuals it is sometimes a challenge to find male subjects to draw, paint, sculpt, or photograph. We are pleased to bring together a variety of male subjects to work as co-creators with your lenses, pencils, brushes, and hands. You will have many opportunities throughout the day to share and learn from your fellow artists. And we hope what you take home refreshes your spirit. Here you are free to appreciate the natural male form with other artists from all over the country, and take something of the joy of the day back with you in your new creations. The focus of the 2005 DONMA workshop will be on the photography of the male nude, as last year was focused on figure drawing.

UPDATE: 2005 Workshop was a grand success! Next workshop will be a new location and new models. Help design the next workshop by answering a few survey questions.


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